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Saturday is a day filled with grief - a day of when Jesus' disciples mourned and comforted each other in the absence of their Savior. Allow yourself to feel the pain of this

grief today.    



Can you imagine the pain Jesus' followers and friends experienced the day after the crucifixion?  They must have been in various early stages of grief: denial, anger, and bargaining.  Surely some of them were

thinking  "if only" statements in their minds.  


"If only I had spoken up."

"If only I would have fought for Him."

"If only we would have taken Him out of the city."  
"If only He would have stopped aggravating the Chief Priests."


In addition, things Jesus said in the past must have been swirling through their minds.  Statements like those He made in Mark 8 must have taken on a new meaning.  After having seen Jesus pick up His cross and carry it to the place where He died, the disciples were probably considering what following Him in the future would mean for them.  They may have wondered if they were going to share His fate.  

What about you?  After walking with Jesus in scripture through the last days of His life, are you ready to lose your life? Are you prepared to forget yourself, pick up your cross and follow Him?  

Spend some time in prayer searching your heart today and

empathizing with the depth of the disciples' grief.  

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